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Carlos Daniel Crespo Planas, known as Ñejo, born on June 20th of 1975. Since he was a kid he was interested in music and he showed his talent on different stages of Ponce, Puerto Rico, where he started his career.

His mom is Sonia Planas Rivera and his dad is Jose Crespo Piza Retirado. He have 4 siblings and Carlos is the youngest one of the family. The name Ñejo came because his mother gave him that nick name, which she only knows the meaning.

Carlos end his High School studies at Ponce and started his music career. He loves Rap but he wasn’t scared of trying different genres.

His first concert was in Bayamon, Puerto rico, where he appear with his first hit “No Quire Novio”. After this concert, Carlos got a great reputation and a public that admires him. That was the start of his career. But before that he found Dalmata, and they got together and started a group that became very famous with his first CD named “Broke and Famous”.

After making lots of hits and a name in the industry, Ñejo and Dalmata separate and Ñejo release the album “No Quiere Novio” thanks to that he became very famous all around the world and started to make collaborations with the biggest artists of Reggaeton.

In 2014 Ñejo released his album called “Yo Soy la Fama” which was for a long period in most of the Latin Charts.

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