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Papi Wilo



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Wilfredo Morales Salgado known by "Papi Wilo". He was born on April 18, 1994 on the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico in the town of Manati. At age 13 he discovered his ability as a rapper and songwriter; since then he began to develop his talent in music. At age 18 she decides to call musically as "Diamond Light". It became known by "freestyle" on a Facebook page created in Puerto Rico, called "Freestyle Mania Full". Papi Wilo launches his first freestyle on November 29, 2013 without realizing that he will achieve his dream as a singer. In just one month Wilo became the favorite artist of the Facebook page. Wilfredo Salgado like many young people did not get the support of their parents to achieve his goals as a singer and considered him a dreamer of life. He writes about it in the freestyle # 13, which surpassed the million view in (youtube), this being his first song as an artist, entitled "My Story".
His artist career just begun, only by doing "freestyle" he got a reputation and a unique support, thanks to the public who accepted him for his truthful songs. He found lot of support and fans in many Latin American countries.In a short time he traveled to make presentations in the US and Puerto Rico. In just one year it has reached 14,000,000 million hits on youtube and more than a million followers in all social networks.

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