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    From Dusk till Dawn: The Series Renewed For Second Season

    April 11, 2014

    The El Rey horror TV series From Dusk till Dawn, has been renewed for a second season by the English language, Latin TV network.

    The first season of this show, is currently airing, and will air 10 episodes. Such is the success of this TV show for El Rey, who are a relatively small network, has meant that they have confirmed the second series after just a few episodes of the first. This is the first scripted show for El Rey, which only launched in late 2013.

    El Rey have decided to slightly expand the number of episodes that will air in the second season, increasing it from 10 to 13.

    From Dusk till Dawn is based on the 1996 cult classic of the same name, which starred George Clooney, and was written by Quinton Tarantino. It expands on various aspects of the story of the original movie. The movie itself did not perform that well at the box office. But it quickly became a classic and spawned books, comic books, and more. So it made sense to eventually make it into a TV series.

    The series itself was created by Robert Rodriguez, who also created the TV channel. Robert Rodriguez was the director of the original movie. He said that he wanted to expand the mythology of the movie, and that he felt that the story was much deeper than could ever be portrayed in a short movie. Now that the series has been renewed for an additional season, Rodriguez has a much better opportunity to really tell the story that he wants to tell.

    The El Rey network does not measure Nielsen ratings so it unknown exactly what viewing figures the series has been getting, but they must have been fairly successful for it to be picked up for the second season.

    Part of the success of From Dusk to Dawn has been in the online world. The show is marketed as a Netflix original outside the United States, and has been extremely popular on that format. This probably led to the quick renewal for the show.

    Reviews for the show have been extremely popular too, with many reviewers being surprised by how good quality the show is considering that it is airing on a relatively unknown network.

    It seems clear that From Dusk to Dawn is going from strength to strength, and if things continue as they have been, it can be expected that a third season may get announced quite early on in the second season. This will allow Rodriguez to truly expand the story as he wants to do.

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