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Crazy Design

Crazy Design on
Me Dite [Official Video]


José Rafael Colon, best known as Crazy Design, born in Dominican Republic, he is a singer, composer, dancer and painter. He was known because of the huge HIT with Carlitos Way "Los Teke Teke". 

With a life full of discipline and work, Colon got the chance to dance next to some of the mosts important urban artists and you can see him on videos like "Mi Alma Muere" of Omega, "Te Bote" by Milka La Mas Dura, "Plomo" by El Negro 5 Estrellas and more thanks to his self confidence and his positive attitude. 

Since the beginning of their music, he made a huge effort next to Carlitos. They fight to pursuit their dreams. This duet met when Crazy was a profesional dancer, the same as Carlitos and after that they decided to start their musical career together.