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DavidVas on
Besame Remix ft. Xantos (Video Oficial) [Official Video]


DavidVas A pop / urban pop singer who started his professional career with his first single titled "Dime".

David Felipe Vivas Alferez was born in Bogotá on December 8, 1996, the eldest son of the Vivas Alferez family, from a very young age he shows his inclination towards music joining musical academies from the age of 7, in his adolescence experiment in different musical groups like Presagio and Segundo Acto where he had experiences with sounds like rock, pop and fusion, but it was there where he found his vision as a soloist, with fresh sounds and fusions of urban sounds, obtaining a great success, which has led him to have events in several cities of Colombia like Pereira, Manizales, Medellín and Bogota.

A lover of music, he plays more than 10 instruments such as piano, guitar, drums. Passion that leads him to begin studies of music production at the school ENE AUDIO, author of his songs where he reflects his own stories, as well as some borrowed, his first disc has more than 8 songs that he has been writing and producing throughout his lifetime.

Presently presents his new single titled BESAME, a song produced in the city of Miami by DF the producer, which consists of more than 600,000 reproductions on Youtube and also will soon have his Remix with Xantos, singer from Dominican Republic, interpreter of success musical "Bailame slowly" ft Dynell.