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DJ Nelson


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Estas Aqui ft. Nicky Jam (yofred remix) [Official Audio]


Nelson Díaz Martinez, also known as DJ Nelson, was born on April 7th, 1972 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As a DJ/producer, he has played a significant role in the development and popularization of Reggaeton during the 90s, being also known as "el padrino" (the godfather).

He first became famous after joining a collective called The Noise, in 1992, which was composed of other DJs, MCs and producers. Together, they hosted parties in the nightclubs of San Juan that helped popularize and also invented the word "Reggaeton".

He has produced albums for Ivy Queen, Ñejo y Dalmata, J Alvarez, among others. He's also produced the compilation albums "Flow La Discoteka" (2004) and "Flow La Discoteka 2" (2007). Along with producers Luny Tunes, he's also released the compilation album "Mas Flow" (2003). He has his own label, called "Flow Music".