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Montana The Producer

Montana The Producer on
Me Diste Color ft. J Alvarez


Alberto Lozada, known as Montana "The Producer" was born in Puerto Rico, on November 8, 1985. He started in the teenager music influenced by the underground sound that was very famous by that time. "Since the superior school I started to make my own studies and record by myself", says Montana. He reveals that his name Montana is because of his strong and serious character. 

Little by little Montana started getting better and his ability for music tranformed himself in an important figure of the urban genre. Nowadays he is one of the most important producers, working with artists such as J Alvarez, Yaviah, Nejo & Dalmata, Nengo Flow, Jory, Franco el Gorila, Luigi 21 Plus, Daddy Yankee, Tito El Bambino, Plan B and many more. In 2012, Montana released his own sign "The producer, Inc.", in which he produces his exclusive artists Maximus Wel and continue working in themes with other famous artists of this urban genre.