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Omega on
Burlao ft. Messiah [Official Audio]


Antonio Peter de la Rosa (born January 17, 1978) better known by his stage name Omega "El Fuerte" or simply Omega, is a Dominican singer and songwriter. He is a modern Merengue artist based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since 2007, Omega has enjoyed increased popularity in the Dominican Republic and with Dominican-Americans across the United States. He has also penetrated music markets in Spain, Italy and Latin American.
Omega has helped create and popularize a new form of Merengue, called Merengue Urbano or Merengue de Calle. It is a blend of merengue with Hip hop, Rap and R&B. This new genre has been adopted by many artists from diverse backgrounds such as Cuban-American Pitbull and Colombian-born Shakira.