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Polaco on
Con Rabia (Prod. by Luny Tunes) [Official Audio]


Polaco began his career in 1992 alongside Prieto Valdez on the cd called The Noise from DJ Negro. They both formed the duo Polaco & Prieto until Polaco and DJ Eric's crew started a lyrical war against DJ Negro and The Noise crew, and that is when Prieto broke from the duo. Prieto started a small war with Polaco after his song "Ellos Que Se Creen" which was featured on The Noise 7 in 1997. Polaco responded in the song "Que Vas Hacer" which came out on the production Gargolas 2 in 1999. Although having not gotten along with him for many years Polaco seems to have resolved his differences with Gringo even to the point of supporting him by making a guest appearance on Gringo's solo album El Independiente.