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Sinfonico on
Aparentemente ft. Maximus Wel, Darell, Miky Woodz, Noriel [Official Audio]



Sinfónico is a Puerto Rican producer of the urban genre. He has collaborated with a number of reggaetón and trap artists, among them: Darell, Ñengo Flow, Messiah, Mike Towers, Brray, Santanismo, Bad Bunny, Almighty, Álvaro Díaz, Sousa, Clandestino and Yailemm, Noriel, Bryant Myers, Miky Woodz, Gotay 'El Autentiko', Liri Kirino, Maximus Wel, Anonimus and Anuel AA. 


Sinfónico has been gaining a prestige in the urban genre for his work with the trap. Within its repertoire are some simple ones like: 'Aparentemente', 'Mi Favorita' and 'Trap Murdaz'. The Puerto Rican producer has been one of the responsible for the excellent reception of the latin trap, and has been one of the in charge of exapndir and internationalize the genre within the Latin American music industry.