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Tony Lenta

Tony Lenta on
A Tu Disposicion


Tony Lenta, born in Puerto Rico, had a great interest in singing and the espectacle world since very little. 

His musical career started in 2005, through the "White Lion" disco. Then he participated in the "Los sicarios" production, with the "Sicaria" theme. But when he really began to be famous was with the "Descontrol" theme, of the "Rompe corazones" production. Then, he made a "Remix" in which Arcángel and J-King & Maximan colaborated with him. This one recovered more than 1 million of "hits" bewtween MySpace and YouTube. It was an international hit. 

The promotional video "Ella le dijo no al amor" it is one of the Tops in the Puerto Rico broadcasting. In 2011 he came back with the new romantic song "Quien le va decir al corazón". Since May 2015, Tony Lenta has been singing events in his hometown, Puerto Rico.