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Yaga 'El Yagazaky'

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Puerto Rican artist of the urban genre. First he was part of the duo Yaga and Mackie, but currently his musical project continues as a soloist. It has its own record company, Kingdom Music INC. Yaga Yagazaki, is located in Bayamón, United States, where he has his studio and from there generates his new music. Among his hits are songs like: 'Borracho y Loco', 'Castigo' and 'Culo pa' Arriba'. Already since the time of Yaga & Mackie, 'The Yagazaky' had tried to have a solo musical career.

Yaga is a musician who works with Mackie. The group work of this Puerto Rican reggaeton duo is well known. Both have signed with Mackieavelikos Inc.