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Yannc on
Sigue Bailandome ft. Darkiel, Mike Towers, Eladio Carrion, Brray [Official Video]



Yannc Full Harmony, He's a Puerto Rican producer. His most relevant work has been to perform a reggaetón track with the collaborations of Juanka el Problematik, Gotay, D Ozi and El Sica entitled 'La Nena'. In addition, it has realized diverse musical bases of trap and of Hip-Hop. It is also known as 'El Armónico’.

Yannc Full Harmony has been characterized to impress to its sound beats intense and to have variety in the rhythms that puts to its songs. It has been gaining a name among the Latin American music industry, reason why many artists that project within the urban genre want to work with the Puerto Rican, who has enhanced the sounds of many singers.