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April 24, 2014 Arcangel Debuts New Music Video

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It has been a quiet few years for Latin/reggaeton singer songwriter Arcangel. The 28 year old New Yorker turned Puerto Rican hasn't really put out a lot of material in the few years. He has released the odd track here and there but there has been no album from him since 2008's 'El Fenómeno', he has tended to stick to just releasing singles.

Sticking to that theme he has just released a new single, and music video for that single. The single is called 'Gucci Boys Club', and has proven extremely popular with his fans, racking up over three million hits on YouTube in just a short time.

Whether this will lead for a new album for Arcangel that many fans want remains to be seen, but as long as his single releases prove to be popular there will always be a market for a full length release for this popular singer.

There have been rumors since 2012 that he is working on a new album with his new record label Pina Records. The album is to be called 'Sentimiento, Elegancia y Maldad' but there have been very few updates on when the release date of this long awaited album might be. Until a release date is announced, fans will have to just enjoy his semi frequent single releases.

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