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February 16, 2017 Celebrate this month giving away Cancioncitas de Amor

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Our album recommended for this time of Valentine is 'Cancioncitas de amor vol 2', a beautiful production that brings together the most outstanding Dominican singer-songwriters, both new talents and artists of trajectory.

The production that is on sale in all the digital stores, is composed of 20 songs of different artists of the stature of Pavel Núñez, 24 Horas, Covi Quintana, Cinthya Montero, among others.

The worldwide distribution of this disc is in charge of La Oreja Media Group and Cinq Music.

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Cancioncitas de amor

  1. Dónde estarás – Juan Samuel
  2. Al tanto de ti – Zeo Muñoz
  3. El espacio – EliaCiM
  4. Entregarte todo – Techy Fatule
  5. No es casualidad – Covi Quintana
  6. Cuando tú estás presente
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