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April 27, 2014 Gotay Perez Rumors

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Alexis Gotay Perez was recently in Mexico on February 11 in the bullring for the Reggaeton Live Tour. The singer has plenty of free music samples available online like “Asi Soy,” “You Want Me,” “La Liga No,” “They Never Note,” “Dreaming Awake,” “Tranquility,” “The Us,” and “Te Hable Claro.”

Other popular concerts for Gotay include the one for “The Authentic” or “Authentiko.” Gotay is signed under the label “Real G for Life.” He played for a concert called “Sinners and Saints” that had over 400 people in it. He worked with Ivy Queen on the song “Dreaming Awake” as well.

Rumors are that Gotay continues to live in Puerto Rico in Bayamon where he continues to live with his family where he's been for some time. He plays baseball, basketball and volleyball in addition to keeping up with this music. He works continually with his manager Salvador Morales to learn more about music in the Reggaeton style as time progresses.

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