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August 01, 2014 Guelaguetza 2014

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The Guelaguetza 2014 is scheduled to take place in Oaxaca. This festival translates to the Mondays on the Hill. It is scheduled to take place the last two Mondays of the month of July. If the festival falls on July 18th it is postponed to the following week. Benito Juarez died on the 18th and the anniversary of this death is remembered.

The 2014 Guelahuetza festival is in its 82nd year. This festival celebrates the different cultures that live in this area. Oaxaca has over 16 different ethnic groups and much diversity. This festival allows each group to celebrate which makes them unique. Each group wears traditional clothing, dances to their culture’s folk music, and celebrates which makes them different. They also throw items out into the crowd for the people attending the festival. The festival is held outdoors but there is also an auditorium. There are only a couple sections that will have a covered roof so many hope that the weather is good. No matter what the weather condition is the show always goes on.

Tickets to the Guelaguetza festival sell out fast. There are no seats but there are different sections. Where the guests stand depend on how early they get to the celebration.

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