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April 27, 2014 J Alvarez

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J Alvarez is a Puerto Rican artist who was born in 13th December 1983 to Dominican parents. At 12 years old, J Alvarez sang his very first song in front of his classmates and teacher. The song was titled "Lo Que Ella Trae” meaning what she brings. This gave him the confidence to believe in his dream and pursue his talent. He joined his cousin, Dj Nelson and developed a working chemistry between each other and subsequently was signed by Flow Music in 2009. His passion for music was influenced from listening to songs of Tego Calderon whom he paid much respect to. He released his first album in late 2009 which was titled El Dueno Del Sistema and was followed by a special edition in 2010. The second album was released in 2011 and was titled Otro Nivel De Musica. His latest album titled De Camino Pa' La Cima was released in February 2014. It has topped the Latin charts at Number 2 after its second week of release.

Current news involving J Alvarez include being nominated 3 times to the Premio Lo Nuestro, which is a Latin Music award ceremony for the categories of Urban Artist of the Year, Urban song of the Year and Urban Album of the year. This has raised the profile of J Alvarez to stardom. Apart from the nominations he has been a finalist in the Premios Billboard twice for the category of Latin Rhythm Song of The Year and in the category of Latin rhythm songs artist of the year as a solo artist. His single el duelo has been climbing the charts at a rapid rate which in the near future may be at the top.

In an interview by latina.com after his New York tour, J Alvarez said that he has a wife and 4 kids; two whom he adopted when he met his wife and twins that they had together. The adopted children are aged 4 and 2 years while the twins are aged 1year and 3 months. He informed the interviewer how he uses the social media to gain new fans from around the world. His love for stylish sun glasses from renown brands like Ray Bans are his signature look which distinguishes him from other artists.

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