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June 26, 2014 Luis Suarez and his Career of Biting Opponents

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Luiz Suarez, the footballer from Uruguay has been in serious trouble for biting opponents. The first time this happened was in November 2010, when Suarez received a seven match ban for biting opponent Otman Bakkal in the Dutch league. From that point out, people called him the “Cannibal of Ajax.”

Amazingly, this wasn’t the only time that Suarez got in trouble for biting an opponent though. It happened again in April of 2013. It happened because an opponent of Suarez named Ivanovic managed to stop Suarez from trying to shoot the ball from a penalty area. The ball bounced off Ivanovic and away, and Suarez decided that this warranted biting Ivanovic’s jersey.

But Suarez still wasn’t done with the biting. On June 25th,2014 during the World Cup, Suarez was playing for the Uruguay team and got frustrated that he couldn’t get past a defender named Giorgio Chiellini. So, naturally Suarez decided to settle the matter by biting him.

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