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Nengo Flow Debuts New Music Video

Puerto Rican rap and reggaeton music sensation  Nengo Flow has just debuted his new music video. The music video accompanies the single Donde Llegamos.

The single has been out for a few months now but the video is just a recent release, with the video debuting on R&B and rap website The Boombox.

The video features Nengo Flow walking through the streets of Puerto Rico where he grew up, with local children. He sings the song as he visits some of his old stomping grounds. It is quite a nostalgic track for the 32 year old artist.

The single will feature on the compilation album 'Boy Wonder Presents: Chosen Few Urbano Continues', which features a variety of similar reggaeton tracks from a variety of different artists.

Despite seeming like a relatively unknown artist, Nengo Flow has built up quite the following around the world. This is especially evident on various social networking sites, with him building up huge followings on both Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter he currently has nearly one million followers, and on Facebook his following is even bigger - over 2.3 million fans.

This huge following will no doubt lead to this single being extremely successful, and the album that it is on being successful too.