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Plan B's Latest Video Tops 12 Million YouTube Views

Plan B are having an extremely successful few years. Not only was their most recent album 'Love & Sex' a huge hit in both their native Puerto Rico, and the United States, but their most recent single from that album has also proven to be extremely popular. It has just broken the 12 million views mark on YouTube.

12 million views is an impressive amount of views for any artist, but especially for Plan B as they prove that they are at the forefront of the increasingly popular reggaeton scene. This scene grew up in Puerto Rico and has been popular there for many years, but now it is really beginning to make its mark around the world, especially in the United States. This is shown by how many views this video has got, as well as how popular this duo are in the US.

They aren't resting on their laurels however, with recent social media postings indicating that they are carrying out a full range of appearances, both at concerts across the country and also media appearances.

With 'Love & Sex' being released in 2012 it is unsure when this duo will be looking to release their next album, but based on how active they are it seems that for fans of Plan B, there won't be long to wait.