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August 03, 2015 Skepta collaborating with Drake

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Skepta has confirmed he has recorded with Drake for his forthcoming album 'Konnichiwa', and believes he inspired the rapper to start swapping diss tracks with Meek Mill.
Skepta has confirmed he has recorded with Drake for his LP.The 32-year-old rapper has revealed the collaboration will feature on his fourth studio album 'Konnichiwa' alongside songs with Wizkid and Earl Sweatshirt.He explained: "There will be an official Drake song, an official Wizkid song, an official Earl Sweatshirt song. All that stuff is coming, but I really just like music and MC-ing on music.

However, the 'Shutdown' hitmaker admitted he is unsure when the record will be released because he's so busy.

He said: "It'll come. It's gonna come out, and it's gonna come out the best time that it can come out.

"It's gonna come out. It's gonna make everybody happy, it's gonna make loads of money, and it's gonna do what it's gonna do. But I'm making people happy now, and I don't care about the money."

But having joined Drake on stage during his set at Wireless Festival in London last month, Skepta added he believes he's "rubbed off" on the rapper, which is why he has been exchanging diss tracks with fellow rapper Meek Mill online.

He told The Fader magazine: "I definitely think that my vibe has rubbed off on Drake a bit. Just dropping chews at a man like, 'F**k it, SoundCloud war.' That's a real London, grime attitude to have. It's good, it's battle rapping. If you're on the mic saying, 'I've got this and this is what I'm like' or whatever, you've got to be ready for the other guy to say, 'Well, I've got a better one than you.'"

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