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August 01, 2014 The Body Of Missing Traveler Harry Devert Has Been Found In Mexico

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After a search of almost six months, the body of 32 year old adventurer Harry Devert has been found murdered in Mexico, in a tragic end to an inspiring story.

Harry Devert was an adventurer who was based in New York. He founded a blog called 'A New Yorker Travels' where he documented the many adventures of his life, traveling all over the world to many different countries. This blog had built up quite a following, and was growing in popularity.

His most recent trip was planned to begin in January, and was to be a motorcycle trip from his home in New York, all the way down to the tip of South America, with a stop in Brazil for the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

In January he began that trip, and had made his way to Mexico. He was staying in a bed and breakfast near Michoacan, in Mexico on January 25. He text his girlfriend, Sarah Ashley Schiear, saying that he had moved away from the area by military officials as it was too dangerous. He also said that he was heading to Zihuatanejo, to see the incredible beach that was part of the Shawshank Redemption. This was the last anyone heard of him.

He was reported missing by his family, and the search had been going on for around six months. Unfortunately, his families worst fears were confirmed when a brutally murdered body was found next to his motorcycle near the La Majahua beach in Guerrero.

After tests it was confirmed that it was his body, and his family was informed. Police believe that organized crime, possibly drug cartels were involved in his murder, as it was in an area notorious for this. The case has been handed to federal prosecutors.

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