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April 24, 2014 The Evolution Of Music Listening

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The evolution of music listening is currently moving at a faster rate than it ever has in the history of the world. For thousands of years, the only way to listen to music was by actually being physically present in the place where the music was being played. Then in the late 1800's, and early 1900's, the first music recordings were invented, allowing people to listen to music not live for the first time. As this became more widespread, and the gramophone was invented, people could buy records, and listen whenever they wanted. All they needed was a gramophone.

While the speed which gramophone's became common was quick compared to what had come before, it was nothing compared to the speed of what was to come. Next came the cassette tape, in the early 1970's. These lasted till the early 90's, when CD's became much more popular. But CD's themselves only lasted until the mid 2000's before they were overtaken by digital downloads, with no physical media at all.

But the digital download revolution may be about to come to an end, with only a few years of dominance. This is because of a revolutionary new method of music consumption that may be about to change how we listen to music forever.

Music Playlist Streaming Music playlist streaming is the newest, and fastest growing way of listening to music on the planet. Services like Spotify, and Google Play Music have begun to dominate the market. These services offer millions upon millions of tracks, almost every song ever released, all available for instant streaming. An internet connection is all that is needed, search for the song, and double click, and you can play any song imaginable. There is no having to buy individual albums or singles, just one small monthly fee and you are granted access to the world music history.

Is Music Playlist Streaming The Future?

With its low cost, and fantastic selection, the uptake of music streaming has been quicker than any other way of listening to music in the history of the world. Spotify, the largest music streaming service, went from 0 users to 20 million users in just three years, and is still growing rapidly.

As more and more people take up this method of consuming music it seems likely that in the future music will change. With most people streaming, or leasing music, rather than actually paying to own it.

While there will always be a niche for buying and owning music, in the form of downloads from iTunes, and other online services. It seems that with the uptake of music playlist streaming in younger people over recent years, that this will be like the purchase of Vinyls are today. Something for a small market to do, the people who feel like they need to own the music.

For everyone else, if current trends continue, streaming music is the future. Sharing playlists with friends and instantly being able to listen, all for the same monthly fee.

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