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The Evolution Of Reggeton

Reggeton is a relatively new genre of music that has begun to be recognized around the world. It has its origins in the reggae of Latin American and the Caribbean. In fact, until the name Reggeton became prominent, it was widely known as Spanish Reggae.

It originated in and is most widely associated with Puerto Rico, the vast majority of the major Reggeton artists that have really hit the mainstream are from Puerto Rico.

What Is Reggeton

Reggeton is a blending of a wide range of music styles, the music is primarily in the style that people would recognize as reggae, but it has evolved to incorporate elements of hip hop, salsa and electronica. It has become increasingly popular in recent years.

The History & Evolution Of Reggeton

The history of Regaton begins in the 1960's and the 1970's, when reggae music began to make its way around the world and increase in popularity. It eventually reached Puerto Rico and was immediately popular. Around the same time, Hip Hop reached Puerto Rico and was also an extremely popular genre of music.

As the years went by, and as Hip Hop and Jamaican style Reggae grew in popularity in Puerto Rico, people within the state began increasingly experimenting with their own styles of music - both Hip Hop and Reggae.

By the early 1990's, various artists within Puerto Rico had begun to merge several genres, primarily Reggae and Hip Hop, and so the seeds of Reggeton were born. Throughout most of the 1990's this style of music, which was fairly extreme in lyrical style.

Initially it was considered an 'underground' style of music, and was seen as a kind of urban Latin music. Tapes and recordings were passed around the scene, and the scene began to grow in popularity.

Eventually, the Puerto Rican government tried to stop the growth in popularity of this new style of music, at the time called 'underground' - by confiscating tapes.

But their attempts were unsuccessful, and the genre continued to grow in popularity. Eventually making its way into record stores and even being used by politicians in campaigns.

The name Reggeton began to appear in popular culture by early 2001. The name was coined to distinguish Reggeton from other kinds of reggae inspired hip hop, and to cement its place a uniquely Puerto Rican style of music.

In 2004, Reggeton really began its surge in popularity, it began to get widespread recognition in both the United States and Europe, with artists like Tego Calderon doing extremely well. Eventually Shakira even did a Reggaton track, helping to cement the genres popularity.

In 2006, Don Omar released an album called King of Kings, which debuted at number seven on the Billboard 100, and other Reggeton tracks began charting highly in both the singles and the albums chart. Reggeton today is a fairly mainstream Latin rhythm genre - with popular albums charting extremely well. Although it still retains that Puerto Rican character that has made it so popular.