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June 26, 2014 The Weather Impact On The World Cup: June 26, 2014

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With four matches set to be played for the World Cup today, there are a wide variety of weather conditions that are set to impact each team. From wind and rain to sunny skies, we will take a closer look at the forecast and how it may be a factor.

USA Vs. Germany: Predicted to be one of the most fierce matches in this round of play, the match between the United States and Germany is already in doubt as torrential rains have turned the filed into a soggy mess. With widespread flooding around the town of Recife, it is going to be at the discretion of FIFA as to whether the game will need to be delayed or rescheduled. Either way, count on a significant impact on both teams as they vie for a victory.

Algeria Vs. Russia: Another exciting match-up that is taking place in Curtiba, it seems as though the weather could not be any better for this match. The forecast is calling for mild temperatures and slight cloud cover; nothing that will affect the match.

Portugal Vs. Ghana: While this match is going to be interesting by virtue of the sheer unpredictability of both teams through their first two matches, the weather will not be an issue. It is going to be mild and sunny, with a slight breeze during the match in Brasilia, not above 11km/h.

Korea Republic Vs. Belgium: Many people are predicting a landslide victory in favor of the ever-ferocious Belgium, and it looks as though Korea Republic will not receive any favors from the weather to help turn the tide. The weather in Sao Paulo is going to be sunny and hot, with a fair amount of humidity in the air for the match starting time.

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