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Gotay El Autentiko on
Real Love [Official Video]
Gotay El Autentiko

El del vibrato was released in 2013, under the label Autentik Music Corp. This album is full of good beats, among which highlights this theme, titled 'Real love'.

The video was produced by John Marcucci Films, and is full of bright scenes in color, full of nature and a fresh air that goes quite according to the song that accompanies it.

Although the atmosphere of the video is colorful, its composition translates nostalgia, the longing to return to that person who left and "does not return," as well show the scenes of this production.

The story seems to revolve around the loss of love, apparently due to his death. He expresses the frustration of not being able to know where he is, and to be sure he will not return, but to wish him anyway. Gotay's request for this video is that, whoever can return that lost person, will receive in return the 'Real love' that is singing.

However, the final message of the video reveals that that death could be avoided. The real objective of Gotay is established in denouncing domestic violence, through what he knows best: music, even though his case wasn’t caused by it.